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Best Playtech casinos

Playtech has rapidly become one of the major software developers in the online gambling industry.  Many online casinos have a limited selection of software platforms that can be shared by many other sites. 

This doesn’t mean all gambling sites are the same as there is more to casino games than just the core game mechanics.  The rules of each game are the same in all casinos as well as the software of the basic gameplay.

There are many casinos based on Playtech software and it is rather difficult to highlight the best ones as each casino favours different games. 

Types of games

Playtech software is known for its versatility, providing more than just basic casino games for players.  There are several national lotteries, sports booking services and Asian-facing games using the Playtech software, and there is nothing strange in seeing a large diversity of all the typical casino games and their variations within the standard online casino package provided by this platform.  

Players also have a wide variety of popular games to choose from such as Slots, Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Keno.  Playtech has licensing agreements with different American copyright holders, so there are different themed slot machines featuring all the Marvel comic characters.

Skill games

There are many casinos based on this platform that offer a wide range of skill games, which are mainly the card games, such as Blackjack and Poker.  These card games do not only incorporate a fair amount of skill and knowledge, they also feature social gaming. 

Poker takes social interaction even further because in many cases, it is the ability to “read” other players that helps to win the game.  The interaction with other players is minimal when playing online, yet there are many new features that deliver this side of skill games to online casinos with great success.

Games of chance

Play Vacation Station Slot at Winner Casino

Games of chance are on the other side of the gambling spectrum when compared to skill games.

They usually feature less social activity as most of them are played alone, and they do not require any particular skill or knowledge to be played.

The best example is a slot machine, as players just push the button and wait for a possible winning combination.

There is no way to predict or affect the combination, and is pure chance whether a player wins or loses.  Roulette is another great example, and this lack of control is what makes these games so popular and keeps the player entertained.  There are many sites that focus solely on games of chance.

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