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Multi Tabling Tips for Poker

Multi-tabling is part and parcel of the modern game and so tips on how to improve your management of playing multi-tabling are very handy indeed.

The first choice you have when attempting to multi-table is to either tile or cascade your tables. 

Tiling tables means that they are spread out across the range of your monitor both length and breadth wise. 

Cascading tables means they are stored one behind the other and only the tables that require your attention are brought to the forefront of the screen.

Most of the top wizards in the online realm prefer to tile their tables. Players will tell you that they can get a subconscious read out of the corner of their eye when focusing on something else. 

This enables them to be making quicker decisions, especially with all of the folding that they have to do. 

In order to play a great number of tiled tables, it makes sense to have some big monitors. The players who mass multi table for a living, whether in regular or Omaha poker, will probably have two monitors either side of their glare.

Donkey Hands

Another great piece of advice when multi-tabling is to get your donkey hands out of the way as soon as possible. 

Just get around your tables pretty quickly and fold all of your trash to enable you time to concentrate on your more difficult spots. 

Also, do not be afraid of allowing your tables to time out if the net result is taking your time to make the correct decision in a big pot. Losing 100BB because you are trying to concentrate on folding hands on other tables is ludicrous. 

Multi tabling is fun. It gets the adrenaline going and hopefully can increase your win rate. Following these simple guidelines will help.

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Multi Tabling Tips for Poker